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Wedding Reception of Rev. Matt & Sis. Vanessa – March 8th 2013

Written by | February, 2014
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We thank the Lord for giving us an opportunity to conduct the wedding reception of Rev. and Mrs. Matthew Vanessa Ude at Nidubrolu. It was our great privilege in conducting this Wedding Reception and all the CLCI extends heartfelt thanks and blessings to the newly wedded couple.

As you know we absolutely love weddings, we always feel so blessed to see the way that God brings two people together in such a beautiful sacrament. This is really a super blessed opportunity the CLCI to conduct wedding reception between two beautiful missionaries, who we love very much! We did as much as we can to make this wedding reception as beautiful and super blessed! Many pastors and hundreds of members were blessed in participating in this wonderful event. Still many pastors and members wanted to greet the newly wedded couple with garlands and flowers but due to the lack of time, we restricted to few people only. Women fellowship members said that Sister Vanessa looked so absolutely stunning, like a princess! All the pastors said that Brother Matt was glowing all the time and he has been smiling all the time. As the matter of fact there were smiles all around and throughout the wedding reception.

Rev. V.S said that this wedding ceremony was definitely partaking in the glory of God. First we felt little bit tension in conducting this wedding reception because we have no idea of how to conduct wedding reception for foreigners but the experience was totally different. Everybody enjoyed very much and the whole CLCI was really blessed by this wonderful event. We humbly thank the respected Mission Board for giving this opportunity to conduct this reception in a great way, and it was awesome to see all pastors, members, children enjoying the fun they were having. There was singing, and laughing, it was great! It was also super fun and holy, which is always awesome! Even though it is little bit inconvenience wearing Indian traditional wedding dresses, we are glad that with those dresses, Rev. Matt and Sister Vanessa were glowing the whole time, and everybody including newly wedded couple really enjoyed themselves. We thank the newly wedded couple for letting children, students, pastors and women to take group pictures with them. Everybody stayed till the very end and had wonderful Lunch Biryani with chicken curry and then had a blessed journey back to homes and churches with much happiness.

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