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Rev. Paul Krause’s Visit – Feb 2013

Written by | February, 2014
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With the Lord’s wonderful grace Rev. Paul Krause’s visit to the CLCI was very successful.  We praise God for the wonderful visit of Rev. Paul Krause the CLCI ministry in the month of February from 13th to 15th 2013.  We praise God for enabling us to have wonderful seminary classes and also visit to two CLCI congregations with Rev.Krause. This visiting program has been well accepted and we have received a good response both from students and members. In the seminary classes Rev. Krause taught the topics from Bible History, on the book of Exodus what happened among God’s people in Exodus, and what God was doing among them, and then applying that to today. Rev. Krause touched the hearts of the students with his wonderful lessons. Then we were also able to visit the CLCI congregations this in turn helped to reach the members with the Word of God. Rev. Krausepreached on “Daniel in the Lions’ Den,” from the book of Daniel.  We praise God for helping us in our efforts to proclaim Christ through Rev. Krause. Since our CLCI members in those congregations are uneducated, sermon on Bible stories like these would give them much encouragement.

The sermon preached by Rev. Krause is a real source of comfort to the ones who are depressed by the roaring lion Satan. The members enjoyed Rev. Krause’s sermons and visit. Many members were comforted by his individual prayers also. This is nothing less than a great blessing to the CLCI. Rev. Krause left to Chennai from us on 15th February morning.

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