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Rev. Matt’s visit to the CLCI – Nov 2012

Written by | February, 2014
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We praise God for the wonderful sudden visit of Rev. Ude in the CLCI ministry in the month of November 2012 from 6th to 14th.  The Lord has used Rev. Matt in a great way in this wonderful visit. Rev. Matt taught three days in the CLCI seminary. The seminary students were blessed by the wonderful teachings from Rev. Matt. Then during the tour of outreach, we have visited remote villages in Guntur District and  many hundreds of newly joined members heard the good news of the Gospel.We praise God for this wonderful and profitable tour to the village congregations. “The Lord answer’s our prayers through Jesus Christ, John 16:23-30”

We praise God for helping us in our efforts to proclaim Christ through Rev. Ude. The members enjoyed the wonderful gospel sermons. Later Rev. Ude prayed for all the members who have been suffering from different problems and sicknesses. This visit is nothing less than a great blessing to the CLCI!

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