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Rev. David’s visit in February 2012

Written by | February, 2014
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Honorable Missionary Rev. David Koenig visited the CLCI from 26th February to 11th March 2012. The seminary students were blessed by the wonderful teachings Rev. Koenig taught on “Beatitudes, Genesis, a section from the book of Romans, Apostle Paul’s missionary journeys and a section of 8 phrases using the tetragrammaton Jehovah in OT with NT.

The Lord has used Rev. David in a great way in this tour. During the tour of outreach, many hundreds of newly joined members heard the good news of the Gospel. Rev. David visited 9 CLCI congregations and prayed for many hundreds of members. Rev David preached some wonderful sermons. Rev. David opened a new CLCI church at Yajali ST colony. The missionary presented hundreds of New Testament Bibles to the children. This trip mobilized hundreds of CLCI slum and tribal members who converted to Christianity.

Rev. David used some visual aids like picture sheets during his sermons to reach the members more effectively.

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