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Bro. David Lueck’s visit in September 2011

Written by | February, 2014
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We praise God for the wonderful visit of Bro. David Lueck in the CLCI ministry in the month of September 2011. We praise God for enabling us to have wonderful seminary classes for one day and also visit to few CLCI congregations with Bro. David Lueck. In the seminary classes Bro. David Lueck taught “Teaching Methods used by Jesus” by using different parables. We have used overhead projector to watch the pictures and the list of the teaching methods. Then we were also able to visit four CLCI congregations. Bro. David Preached on “Samaritan woman”. The sermon preached by Rev. Lueck is a real source of comfort to the ones who are depressed and disappointed in life.

The members enjoyed the gospel meetings very well. At the end of the each service, Bro.Lueck heard every prayer request of the members and prayed for them. From the bottom of our hearts we thank Bro. David Lueck for his kind visit to the CLCI.

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